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Christopher Kimball takes on school lunches
September 19, 2006, 10:18 am
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Christopher Kimball, the Bill Nye of the cooking world and the brain behind Cook’s Illustrated and America’s Test Kitchen, has joined in on the fight to improve school lunches.

From his new site Parents Against Junk Food:

We are devoted to eliminating junk food from our public school system. No sodas. No candy bars. No chips. No processed lunch or foods of minimal nutritional value. Let’s ask our public schools to feed both body and mind properly, to take seriously their role as guardians of our children’s health and welfare. It is time to take the corporate profit out of school lunches and replace it with common sense, good nutrition, and the love and care that our children surely deserve.

So far, Christopher is just providing information about the problems with school lunches and some healthy recipes on the site. It is a start, but I would like to see some more action to go along with the information. Also, the site could use some visual clean-up, but if you stick with it, you’ll find some good stuff, like An Inconvenient Lunch, Christopher’s version of Jamie Oliver’s Manifesto. Christopher has a 5-part plan that involves firing the USDA and implementing nutrition education.


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Good on Chris! Jamie Oliver’s efforts in the UK are amazing. I recorded his series Jamie’s School Dinners that was shown a few months ago on Discovery and it was SHOCKING. He’s taking a lot of flak over it from supermarket sponsors and parents, but it’s making a difference. I hope Chris (and all of us) can make as much of a difference here.

Comment by Leslie

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