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Jamie Oliver is back!
September 9, 2006, 2:35 am
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I just read that Jamie Oliver is continuing work on his school lunch (dinner) project. It is so exciting to see that they are making progress over on the other side of the pond. In addition to making school lunches better, he is tackling nutrition education. From his manifesto:

Kids need to be learning about food right from day one, so they get basic recognition and aren’t afraid of what food looks, smells and tastes like and where it comes from…A simple menu of nutritious dishes will give kids the range of basic skills they need to prepare and cook with fresh ingredients, instead of getting their meal from a packet with all of the extra cost, unnecessary processing, additives and packaging that goes with it.

That’s what I want to do: teach kids about food. Expose them to new food, show them how to prepare it, and instill a love for food. I can’t think of a better way to promote good health, prevent obesity, and make the world a happier place.


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Most impressed with the campaigne for good for for kids in school and at home. For many years I have cooked food for my children using unprocessed food, produced locally, that tastes good. I have become involved with a great school who has the same healthy ethos, but who are scuppered by local authority legislation around tendering for contracts, within the guidelines set down by local authorties.
You have demonstrated that highly motivated communities can make a difference, what about less motivated communities, who live in a region that produces some of the best food in England? Should there not be some basic Central legislation that says that you should source locally (Quallified) before you consider, cheaper,less satisfi-ing,more ordinary, less healthy alternatives. I greatly admire what you have done for school meals, and hope that they might eventaully equal what I had 42 years ago, nutritious,tasty, local, seasonal, sustainable and achieveable, meals that helped me to grow and learn!!
I now have a wonder and some small skill in food content and preparation, which I hope to pass on to my two children.
As governor at my childs school, can you give me any tips about how to make good , local, food the norm.

Comment by jainezone

Go Jamie Go! We need to do this in the States DESPERATELY!

Comment by Leslie

it all good givin us healthy stuff but we do want nice food

Comment by joe

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