Food Fight

Radio news
September 6, 2006, 12:22 am
Filed under: health, nutrition, obesity

Recently, I have heard two stories on NPR that have been good eye-openers. I don’t have time to track down related articles online, but I plan to.

The first one was about how anti-obesity efforts aren’t working. In England at least, they set goals back in teh 80s to reduce obesity, or at least slow it down, and they haven’t been able to. Programs to improve what people eat and to get people to exercise aren’t working if you look at the numbers. It is a very frustrating thought.

The second story I heard was just today. It was about how fast food companies have given up trying to offer healthy options because people don’t really want them, even though they say they do. What it comes down to is that people say they want healthy food, but they don’t eat healthy food. It’s another really frustrating thought. But I can understand. I think we all know we should be eating healthier than we actually do. Education and access to healthy food is only part of the answer. We have to get people to WANT to eat healthy food.

And then I just started reading Morgan Spurlock’s book Don’t Eat This Book. Reading again how minority and low-income kids don’t have access to healthy food and how half of them are going to end up with diabetes is getting me all riled up.


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